REFLEXOLOGY Geneva - Carouge

Linda Roser, agrée ASCA et RME,

advanced federal diploma


Reflexology is a non invasive, discrete and reassuring treatment method. The entire body system can be regulated and stimulated to find its natural balance by precise pressure applied to the feet.

Treatment on a distant body part like the feet allows the mind and the rest of the body to relax and to appreciate its calming effect. This makes this natural therapy well appreciated by most people, including children and the elderly.

Furthermore, it is simply an easy way to ground yourself and to re-connect to your inner energy. The relaxing effect of reflexology will help you think clearer and you will feel the stimulating and cleansing effect the treatment has on your body.


Stress, fatigue, insomnia, allergies, pain, depression...

Reflexology can help relieve the symptoms of  chronic or acute problems.

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